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Customize Your Kicks Straight From Your Smartphone

Photo source: Indiegogo

ShiftWear launched their new campaign for ShiftWear Classics, the trendy sneakers that allow the wearer to display their custom designs right from a smartphone or tablet.

The wearer is able to exhibit HD-quality images in the display area of the sneakers via the ShiftWear app. If the design is static, the sneaker will consume no power and the design will remain the same until changed. Available in high, medium and low tops, the shoe can also display animation. The app connects the consumer to a portal that contains the latest designs from artists across the globe.

The soles of the waterproof shoes are coated with Kevlar Fibers, which is the same material used in bullet proof vests. The electronic components incorporated in the shoe can be charged wirelessly or with every step taken, and can last up to 30 days without recharge.

ShiftWear is offering an Indiegogo exclusive to early adopters if they top up their backing with an additional $75 dollars per shoe. The exclusive offer includes customization of sneaker color, engraving and $50 in design credit when the app launches. Shipping is estimated to be Fall 2016.

For more information, see the Indiegogo page here.

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