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Chameleon Mood Scarf Changes Color With Light, Temperature

Photo source: Huff Post

The Chameleon Mood Scarf, developed by high-tech clothing company Neffa, is as mercurial as its namesake lizard, reacting to light and temperature to change its color, reflecting a specific mood. Made of up several layers, each with its own color and pattern, the scarf employs special ink sensors to trigger the change in appearance.

One layer of the 100-percent silk chiffon scarf is black. Printed in thermochromic ink, it responds to the wearer’s body temperature, and disappears as that number increases. Another layer is light green. Printed in photoluminescent ink, it reacts to light, and glows blue-green in the dark for added visibility. A third layer is white. It employs photochromic ink that reacts to UV light, and changes from white to orange when outdoors. The scarf is highly absorbent on hot days, and keeps warm air close to the skin when it’s cold.

For more information, see the full article here.

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