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“You’d Actually Want to Wear This” – CuteCircuit Brings Fashion Sense to Wearable Tech

Photo source: CuteCircuit

For their tenth anniversary, wearable tech label CuteCircuit brought to New York Fashion Week a very different kind of wearable: something literally wearable. CuteCircuit’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection featured a series of ready-to-wear pieces with LEDs and other high-tech touches integrated into the outfits.

The collection included dresses, gowns, blazers, and skirts, along with light-up accessories. Wearers can alter the patterns via smartphone app, or allow the dress’s default programming to shift the design based on the wearer’s movements. Francesca Rosella, co-founder and a design partner, opened the show with this to say: “In our ideal wardrobe, we can have just a few pieces and then you can just download new patterns. So you have one skirt, but you actually have a thousand pieces.”

Several write-ups noted that the clothing looked lightweight and airy, with the electronic aspects merged seamlessly into the fabric.

The label has been in the press before: celebrities like Katy Perry and Nicole Scherzinger have worn CuteCircuit designs on the red carpet. Perry wore a CuteCircuit LED dress on the red carpet at the Met Gala in 2010. Scherzinger, meanwhile, wore a LED-fitted dress that displayed tweets in real time. More recently, CuteCircuit was featured for collaborating with Accenture on a light-up LED skirt that has the particular distinction of being wash-and-wear.

Watch the CuteCircuit Spring/Summer Collection highlights below: