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Trellie Introduces New Modular Jewelry Technology

Photo source: TechCrunch

Wearable technology pioneer Trellie announced recently that they’re introducing the world’s smallest modular smart jewelry technology.

This technology, which is smaller than a US quarter coin, will power leading fashion brands the world over. Indeed, the other half of the announcement covers Trellie’s newly finalized partnership deals with high-fashion brands such as Marc Jacobs, Vince Camuto, Henri Bendel, Kate Spade, Nordstrom, HSN, and Macy’s.

Trellie comes from a long history of innovative work in wearables and wireless technologies with a focus on women. Ron LeMay, Trellie’s lead investor, describes Trellie as an influencer and trailblazer in this emerging industry. “[Trellie has] focused on developing the smallest, most flexible technology with brands in mind, and with their strategic partnership, they empower jewelry and fashion brands to create their own lines, influence their own communities and be creative about it.”

Claude Aldridge, co-founder and CEO of Trellie, added, “The wearable technology market has evolved and now it’s about keeping it simple - no missed calls, texts or meetings. If you want different alerts - social, fitness, safety - you can have them, this time on any piece of jewelry or on your handbag. Now there is a stylish way to focus on being present and being connected at the same time.”

Trellie’s modular technology item is designed to be able to be taken out and moved from jewelry item to jewelry item, allowing jewelry designers and manufacturers to develop a line of products and solution for consumers based around a single piece of technology.

Trellie expects to launch their first pieces in partnership in Spring 2015.

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