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Hipsters and Millennials Are Making the Pocketwatch Cool Again

Photo source: iTechFuture

It’s not just #tbt (Throwback Thursday, for those not on Twitter or Instagram) anymore.

With the rise of hipsterdom, that oft-maligned movement centered around vintage and retro-inspired stylings and habits with a modern, tech-savvy twist, everything feels like a throwback to a style otherwise deemed passé. One of these is the pocketwatch.

The pocketwatch dates back some 400 years and predates the wrist watch, and jewelry industry analysts and trend spotters alike are pointing to this device more familiar to the Greatest Generation than Generation Z. Yet, in spite of this seeming incongruity, the pocket watch has been turning up more and more. High-profile celebrities such as Justin Timberlake are sporting the pocketwatch.

Moreover, companies like Tokyoflash Japan are producing “smart” versions of this old wardrobe staple. Witness the Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch, which has a liquid crystal display and touch features.

As the watch industry at large rides out the boom from a renewed interest in timepieces, it’s worth noting that the emphasis is on form over function. Douglas Stuart, owner of, a Seattle-based company that specializes in restoring vintage timepieces, notes that consumers see the value of vintage and retro-chic items in their style rather than their original purpose. “I don’t think most people buy them to tell time,” says Stuart.

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