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Caress of The Gaze – Defense Against Unwanted Eyes

Photo source: Arch2O

Architect and interactive fashion designer Behnaz Farahi combines art, technology and fashion to create innovative and interactive clothing. Farahi makes major advancements in the fashion and tech world, while also changing the nature of personal space and human interactions. The fashion maven’s Caress of The Gaze cape, deters creepy men from ogling women.

The outfit itself is constructed from 3-D printed spikes, which react with almost lifelike properties, meant to act like artificial skin. Below the exterior lies an on-board camera coupled with a facial tracking algorithm, which detects inappropriate leering. In the video, the garment appears to be moving, breathing and seething, ready to attack any invasive eyes. According to Farahi, “This project was inspired by nature both in terms of its morphology and behavior, especially various reptile and animal skins, such as snake and fish scale items.”

Photo source: Behnaz Farahi

Photo source: Behnaz Farahi

The garment is symbol of how clothing provides us with both warmth and protection. This fashion forward cape – might be a glimpse into the future of fashion.

For more information, see the full article here.

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