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Babolat POP Wearable Helps Tennis Players Become Champs

Babalot Pop
Photo source: Sport Techie

Tennis players who want to look great on the court while improving their game now have a new wearable that can help them do just that. Tennis outfitter Babolat has partnered with software provider PIQ on the Babolat POP, a discreet wristband packed with sensors that aid the wearer in honing specific skills.

Working with a user’s Android or iOS smartphone, the wristband tracks a swing’s velocity, height, airtime, G-force, amplitude and trajectory to generate detailed statistics on performance. The wearer can then analyze these metrics for areas that need improvement. The device displays stroke speed directly on its interface, allowing the wearer to leave his or her smartphone courtside while playing, though all other data is accessible only on the phone. Other features include challenges and the ability to share playing stats and compete with friends on social media.

Babolat POP

Photo source: Tennis Identity

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