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HotSquash’s Cool Fabric Mimics Polar Bear Fur

Photo Source: Daily Mail

UK brand HotSquash is launching a collection of clothes that keeps the wearer warm or cool using technology inspired by polar bear fur. A polar bear’s furry coat is made up of hairs that have a hollow shaft, providing extra insulation. HotSquash’s collection is a line of women’s clothes that features hidden technology to keep the wearer comfortable even in difficult temperatures.

The collection keeps the wearer cool by wicking away moisture, while in cold weather the clothes feature special insulating properties to keep the wearer warm. Moreover, the fabrics are low maintenance, washer and dryer friendly, and are fully designed.

The fabric was developed by using biomimicry, taking inspiration from the way polar bears stay warm in the unforgiving arctic temperatures. The fabric is made up of hollow textiles, providing extra insulation to the wearer much like hollow follicles do for the bears.

For the summer collection, the wick-away fabric allows sweat to evaporate and prevents the clammy feeling associated with the hottest of days.

HotSquash’s collection includes a wide array of looks, from formal and business clothing to casual weekend outfits. All items are made in the UK and intended to last.

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