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MIT Gives Nail Art a Wearable Twist

Smart fingernail
Photo source: TechCrunch

Graduate students at MIT have developed a thumbnail-sized trackpad that connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to control devices.

Called NaillO, this device allows a user to scroll and draw while hands-free. It turns the nail on the thumb into a trackpad, giving the user more control. The feature video (which is embedded below) notes uses such as changing a Bluetooth accessory’s color, scrolling through a recipe while in the midst of cooking, and a few other uses.

While the product is still in its development stages, there is potential in its future. Its low profile, customizability, and clear function could prove an excellent complement to the array of wearables out there. Moreover, nail art has been increasingly popular the world over, and an intuitive product like this could very easily edge out more “clunky” designs like the late Google Glass project.

Future iterations hope to reduce the profile of the device even further without losing performance and responsiveness. We can’t be sure if these students have “nailed it,” but just in case, we’re looking forward to getting our hands on a demo!